Difference between shawarma and shawarma.

However, it can be assumed that the discrepancies arose due to the fact that representatives of different national diasporas are mainly engaged in the production of this popular dish and its trade in the northern and southern capitals, who "introduced" their familiar name to the new market.

And what is outside the capitals? In the regions, shawarma is called differently: in one place the Moscow version has taken root, in another - the St. Petersburg one. And in some places they preferred to “go the other way” and gave the dish a different name, as, for example, in the Kaliningrad region - doner kebab, as in Germany. And Ryazan entrepreneurs came up with an original trick to promote their product: a local chain of shawarma outlets uses an inverted McDonald's trademark as a logo - they say, in outline it resembles the letter S. Agree, from a marketing point of view, this is a very extraordinary move!