Difference between shaping and aerobics

An active life allows you not only to improve your health, but also to keep your figure in excellent condition. The most popular sports for women are shaping and aerobics. Choosing an activity to your liking, be sure to study the difference between these types of physical education, which will allow you to practice most effectively.


Shaping - this is rhythmic gymnastics, the main goal of which is to change the shape of the body. Increased attention is paid to muscle groups that do not receive sufficient stress in everyday life. Classes are held at least 2 times a week, while the duration of the workout is about an hour. In the process, various simulators can be used, and the number of repetitions goes to hundreds. For various types of female figure, their own programs have been developed to improve the effectiveness of physical education.

Aerobics is a complex of aerobic exercises performed to rhythmic music, designed to keep the body in good shape, relieve tension, and recharge with energy. The training develops breathing, but the physical parameters of the exercises are quite light. Aerobics is health, sports, dance.


Thus, the main difference between types of physical activity is in the purpose of training. Aerobics is necessary to fight cardiovascular diseases, to raise the mood, and the general tone of the body. It allows you to defeat various ailments, including hypodynamia (general deterioration in health due to low activity).

Shaping pursues other goals, the main of which is figure correction. In the process of training, all muscle groups are involved, as a result, not only proteins and carbohydrates are burned, but also fats. Long-term work and dietary nutrition can improve the overall level of health, as well as get rid of various body problems.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Trained processes. In aerobics - aerobic (breathing), in shaping - anabolic (tissue synthesis) and catabolic (energy burning).
  2. Targeting. Shaping is designed to make a woman's figure more attractive, aerobics - to improve health and improve mood.
  3. Effect. Aerobics allows you to expend energy during training, and shaping during recovery.
  4. Features of training. Shaping involves consistent work with all muscle groups, aerobics - mainly with the muscles of the arms and legs.