Difference between sector, department and service.

The structure of the administrative apparatus in Russian state bodies and in private firms is rather complex. Subdivisions such as services, sectors and departments are difficult to distinguish among themselves, indicating clear and understandable differences. Let's try to understand this difficult issue and highlight general trends.


Sector - basic structural unit, consisting, as a rule, of at least four employees, including the head. The organizational unit is most often part of the departments and is responsible for a specific area of ​​work.

Department is an average structural unit of an organization, which, as a rule, includes at least three employees together with the head. It can be part of larger units or include smaller units.

Service is a large structural unit responsible for an important area of ​​the company's activities. It consists of smaller departments and sectors, the work of which is coordinated by the staff of the service.


These structural units, although they are mentioned in the legislation, do not have clear legal definitions. Therefore, speaking about their differences and correlation, one can only point to established practice, and not to legislative norms. Historically, the service is the largest unit, the least of which is in the enterprise. It is responsible for the priority direction of work, coordinating the activities of departments and sectors.

In second place is the department, which takes on a narrower scope of activities. As a rule, it consists of at least three people, including the leader. The position of the head of the department makes it possible to manage only your subordinates, but does not leave much room for maneuver. In third place is the sector, the smallest unit dealing exclusively with applied work. The enterprise may not have them if its structure is relatively small.

And yet, it should be noted that the specific names of structural units depend more on traditions than on the number and characteristics of work. You can verify this by familiarizing yourself with the hierarchy of the most important state bodies of Russia.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Hierarchy. The service is the largest structural unit, followed by the department and the third by the sector.
  2. Activities. The service coordinates the work of the organization, the departments designate the priority areas of activity, the sectors are engaged in applied functions.