Difference between scotch tape and whiskey

Gourmets, true connoisseurs of high-quality spirits, cannot always tell the difference between Scotch Scotch and traditional whiskey. In fact, there are reasons for this: for example, the Scots, who make their signature whiskey from barley, call it nothing other than scotch. However, there is a difference between the two drinks, and it is not limited to just different pronunciation.


Whiskey - an alcoholic drink with a bright aroma and strength of the order of 40-50 percent, although some manufacturers sometimes exceed this limit. The drink is made from various types of grain, using processes such as malting and distillation, plus long aging in oak barrels.

Major producing countries:

  • Scotland. Whiskey in this country is called scotch, and is even equated almost to the national drink. It should be noted that several centuries ago, doctors even recommended it for use as a medicine. A characteristic feature of the scotch tape is a smoky shade obtained as a result of drying with peat. This is especially true for the island varieties of scotch tape. However, you can find scotch tape without a smoky shade.
  • USA. Americans also have their own name for whiskey - bourbon. The main difference between bourbon and European whiskey is production. American whiskey is made from corn and aged in oak barrels that are roasted from the inside. This special American technology, invented at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, gives bourbon an unrivaled taste and aroma.
  • Ireland. But the country, which has almost the oldest traditions in the preparation of whiskey, does not have its own name for the drink. But this fact does not at all affect its quality, because Irish whiskey is considered one of the best in the world. It is distinguished by the triple distillation inherent in most brands and the absence of a smoky aftertaste. In addition, modern whiskey production in Clover Country has seven stages.
  • Canadian and Japanese whiskeys have practically no popularity in the world. They are highly regarded only in their homeland. It is difficult to name the reasons for the low popularity, perhaps it is the lack of traditions, and perhaps the marketing. It should be noted that Canadian whiskey has a minimum aging period of 6 years, so whiskey lovers should pay attention to it.

Scotch is a Scotch whiskey made according to the traditions and culture of this British country. The drink is distinguished by its delicate taste, aroma and the production process itself. The original taste and mysterious smokiness of the scotch tape is obtained due to the fact that the preparation and drying of the grains (the base is barley) is carried out using a peat-fired oven. Then the alcoholic drink is aged for a long time in special oak sherry barrels. The Scots themselves speak of Scotch as the "correct" whiskey.

Scotland has many Scotch factories, but Highland and Speyside are considered to be the main producing areas. The first district is especially famous because it is located in the mountains and has its own production traditions.


For starters, you can cite the popular phrase that any scotch is whiskey, but not every whiskey is scotch. So how are the two drinks fundamentally different, let's try to figure it out:

  • First, scotch is a kind of whiskey.
  • An important difference is taste and aroma. Scotch is generally more pungent in flavor than other whiskeys.
  • Scotch whiskey is made from barley, while a variety of grains are used for whiskey. Plus, the production process itself is quite different.
  • Whiskey is produced in a wide variety of countries, including the United States and Canada. And only whiskey produced in Scotland can be called scotch tape.
  • Irish whiskey differs from Scotch Scotch and the distillation process. Almost every Irish whiskey is triple distilled, but scotch is not. True, some Scottish manufacturers still distill scotch tape three times, but this is rather an exception.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Scotch is a whiskey produced in Scotland. That is, it is a narrower concept than whiskey.
  2. Scotch tape has a more astringent taste and a pronounced aroma. The rest of the whiskeys are generally softer.
  3. Scotch tape is produced using a special technology.
  4. Different basis. Whiskey can be made from different grains, scotch - only from barley.