Difference between rum and whiskey

Every person working in the alcohol industry knows exactly one truth: "Alcohol can be made from everything, even from a stool." This approach to business explains the number of types of alcoholic beverages depending on the geographic location. Rice sake, grain whiskey, cane rum, cactus tequila... It is interesting to observe how these drinks indirectly "collide" in history. We bring to your attention a clash of "pirate" rum and the favorite drink of Her Majesty's Navy sailors - whiskey.


Rum - a strong alcoholic drink with a characteristic aroma and taste. The main raw material for production is cane syrup or molasses. There are several varieties, the main ones being white, gold and dark rum. It is obtained by distillation and aging. The Caribbean is considered the birthplace of Roma.

Bacardi White Rum

Whiskey is a strong alcoholic beverage based on grains. It is obtained as a result of malting, distillation and aging processes. Has a characteristic aroma and taste. Homeland - a region of Scotland or Ireland.


The main difference between these two drinks is the different raw material base. It is the aromatic substances contained in sugar cane and cereals that give them their characteristic, recognizable taste and aroma. In general, the technological schemes are similar.


For rum, secondary products of sugar cane processing - molasses or syrup are used. By adding yeast to them, manufacturers start the fermentation process (some companies use "wild", that is, natural yeast). The resulting mash is distilled. Again, the type of distillation used is not regulated. Both regular cubes and vertical columns are used. The resulting crude alcohol is laid for aging. Once again, there are diverging opinions about aging containers. It can be metal barrels, and oak barrels, and barrels from other types of trees. After aging, light rum is filtered for complete clarification. Dark - tinted with color scheme.

Whiskey is a product that reflects the stiffness inherent in the inhabitants of Foggy Albion. Strictly prescribed technology, established traditions and unswerving adherence to the rules. Depending on the region, it is customary to use barley, wheat or rye. After germination and drying, the grain is crushed and poured with hot water, yeast is added. After fermentation, there is distillation and aging in oak barrels. The resulting drink is bottled.

As you can see from the above, rum and whiskey are very different from each other in many ways. The same applies to taste indicators.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Rum is made on the basis of sugar cane, whiskey - grain crops.
  2. In the production of whiskey, there is a malting and drying process.
  3. Rum aging is not necessarily carried out in oak containers.
  4. Whiskey and rum have different taste and aroma characteristics.