Difference between ravioli and dumplings

Italian dishes are loved and know how to cook in many countries of the world. Pasta, risotto, pizza are frequent guests in our festive and everyday menu. And a dish like ravioli is just beginning to win the hearts of fans of Italian cuisine.

Ravioli are mistakenly considered by many to be a type of dumplings. Undoubtedly, there are similarities, but ravioli are still somewhat different from our traditional meat-filled dough dish.


Ravioli - products from thinly rolled unleavened dough with different fillings. The birthplace of ravioli is Italy.


Pelmeni - products made from unleavened dough stuffed with minced meat. A traditional Russian dish.



Both ravioli and dumplings are made from unleavened dough. A little olive oil is added to the ravioli dough (our housewives sometimes replace it with sunflower oil) to make it more elastic and easier to roll into a thin layer. This dough must be kneaded for at least 15 minutes.

The filling for ravioli is very varied. You can put in them minced meat and fish, mushrooms, fish and other seafood, cream cheese, cottage cheese, various vegetables. Ravioli can also be prepared for dessert by choosing fruit, berry or chocolate fillings. Dumplings are never sweet.

For dumplings, we roll out the dough, cut out squares (circles) with a knife (glass), lay out the filling and pinch the edges of the product. We get a crescent moon, the edges of which we connect together at the end of the sculpting. Roll out two layers of the ravioli dough. On one at certain distances from each other spread the filling, and the second layer is placed strictly on the first. Ravioli are not sculpted like dumplings, but cut out. This is done using special forms, a dough cutter with curly edges, a knife or an ordinary glass. Depending on what the ravioli was cut with, they can be in the shape of a square, an ellipse, or a crescent.

Ravioli can be boiled or deep-fried. If they are prepared in the first way, they are served as a main course with various sauces. The choice of sauce depends on the filling of the product. Fried ravioli are good additions to first courses. The idea of ​​frying ravioli belongs to the Americans. Dumplings can also be boiled or fried. They are served on the table with sour cream, vinegar dressing or ketchup. Small dumplings are often used as a soup.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Ravioli is an Italian dish, dumplings are Russian.
  2. Olive (vegetable) oil is added to the ravioli dough. It takes longer to knead than dumplings.
  3. The filling for ravioli is more varied than for dumplings. Also, ravioli can be made with a sweet filling.
  4. Ravioli are carved and dumplings are molded.
  5. Ravioli are boiled or deep-fried. Dumplings are also boiled or fried. You can make soup with small dumplings.
  6. Ready-made ravioli are served with various sauces. Dumplings are eaten with sour cream, ketchup, vinegar dressing.