Difference between professional hair dye and regular hair dye.

Hair colorants are the most sought-after and best-selling cosmetic product that professional stylists, hairdressers and ordinary people buy. And it is not surprising, because beautiful, well-groomed hair is a visiting card of every young lady. Only not everyone used the services of salon specialists, and therefore they do not know what the difference is between professional hair dye and ordinary one.


Professional hair dye

Professional dyes are designed for use in salons and hairdressing salons, and you can buy them only in specialized stores.

Ordinary hair dye

The production of household dyes is on stream, neither the structure of the hair to be dyed nor its original color are taken into account. That is, the product is in demand, therefore it is produced as a universal one, counting on curls of all types. Regular paint can be easily found in supermarkets, kiosks and even on outdoor street stands.


Features of professional paints

The very first and main difference of professional hair dye from the usual one is the composition of the dye preparation and its principle of action. Professional products do not have an oxidizer in the kit, you need to buy it separately, and the percentage is selected that is suitable for a certain type. There are other pluses:

  • do not have a pungent odor;
  • more persistent;
  • the composition is natural.

Professionals in their field know how to mix such paints in order to achieve a unique shade or overcome yellowness. If you add intense concentrates that are on sale in special stores, then the tone obtained as a result of staining will acquire saturation.

Features of conventional dyes

Suffice it to say that in household products the oxidizer is already packaged with the dye composition, and it will immediately become clear how the professional hair dye differs from the usual one. In addition, the latter contains ammonia, and such a composition leads to the fragility of the strands, the gradual loss of their vitality. The consequence is the additional cost of medicinal restorative drugs. But thanks to the oxidizing agent it is possible to achieve:

  • persistent color;
  • painting over gray hair;
  • leveling effect.

Staining Result

Home staining often produces unexpected results. The buyer purchases the dye, relying on the veracity of the picture on the package, but neither the consumer nor the manufacturer takes into account the individual properties of the hair. The result is frustration and wasted money. You can, of course, use the professional staff yourself at home, but only if you have knowledge and experience. Otherwise, the result will not differ from staining with ordinary paint.


There is also a difference in cost between these means. Indeed, coloring compositions intended for salons and hairdressing salons are much more expensive. The reason is the constituent components that strengthen the hair structure. They make the curls shiny and silky, and the color is saturated. These indicators are typical for expensive funds.

Conventional paint is more affordable to the general public. In addition, the kit includes a complete set of accessories necessary for one-time use. Simple and convenient, low cost and - most importantly - everything is ready for the procedure. But if you carefully weigh all of the above pros and cons, then still the quality justifies the price.

Professional paint Conventional paint
Overpainting in salonsColoring at home
Contains natural ingredientsChemical composition
Nourishes hairDestroys hair
High costAffordable price