Difference between profession and position.

As children, boys and girls are often asked who they want to become: a teacher, an astronaut, or a minister. It is a pity that the child is taught to seem, and not to be, and this perception of the world becomes the cause of failure and stress. Differences between profession and position are very important for those who really want to understand their place in society. The sooner this is understood by a person, the easier it will be for him to achieve success in life.


Profession - a kind of social and labor activity of a person, which presupposes the presence of a certain education, knowledge and skills, as well as work experience. It is possible to confirm the presence of the required qualifications not only with the help of diplomas and certificates, but also with extracts from the work book, as well as in practice. So, the profession of a waiter does not require training, but work experience is required to get a job in a good institution.

Position - a set of labor rights and obligations, formally enshrined in an order or order and determining the status of an employee in the organization. Compliance with the stated requirements is considered based on generally accepted rules. Most positions require education, formally confirmed by a document.


Thus, the presented categories differ significantly from each other. If the position is the position of a person in the enterprise, then the profession is just a type of labor activity. This is easy to understand with specific examples. So, Ronald Reagan was an actor by profession, but served as president. Henry Ford was originally just an agricultural worker, but later received the position of head of a huge company.

The employment contract does not indicate the profession, but the position. It is in accordance with it that the salary is calculated, without adjusting for what is written in the diploma. To get a profession, you need not only to unlearn, but also to pass an exam. You can only take up a position if you meet all the requirements, successfully complete an interview or an internship.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Essence. A profession is a kind of socially significant activity, and a position is an official position of a person.
  2. Formalization. The position is always fixed by an order or instruction, while the profession is confirmed by a document on higher or secondary special education.
  3. Official confirmation. It is the position of the person that is indicated in the work book, and not his profession.
  4. Requirements. To obtain a profession, most often you need to get an education and pass an exam, for registration for a position - to pass an interview, internship or withstand a probationary period.