Difference between powder and blush

This cosmetic product is an integral part of theatrical makeup and helps to emphasize the young age of the character.

Another difference between powder and blush is that the latter has richer and more varied colors. It usually has reddish, pinkish or plum shades. You can also find blush of peach, apricot, orange, chestnut, copper flowers. Often, whole sets of products with a wide variety of palettes are presented on store shelves. Powder cannot boast of such a wealth of shades. It is presented mainly in neutral and calm colors: white, yellowish, pinkish, bronze and peach. The cosmetic product is sold individually, not in kits. It is also worth noting that the powder is applied all over the face, sometimes with a neck grip. Blush is applied more locally. They mainly emphasize the cheekbones, and in rare cases - the upper eyelid.

To summarize, what is the difference between powder and blush.


Powder Blush
Used to conceal skin imperfections and as a make-up base fixerIndispensable for fresh-looking skin, correcting facial proportions
Has a pale shadeOften presented in bright colors
Limited range of colorsFairly wide range of shades
Sold by the pieceOften applied in kits
Applied to the entire face, sometimes with neck grippingApplied locally, mainly on the cheekbones