Difference between post-industrial and industrial structure of the economy.

It is worth noting that the post-industrial economy is the next evolutionary stage in the development of the industrial one. In theory, a regression of a more developed economic system is also possible - due to economic crises and political instability.

Having determined what is the difference between the post-industrial and industrial structure of the economy, we will reflect the conclusions in the table.


Post-industrial structure of the economy Industrial structure of the economy
What do they have in common?
The post-industrial economy is built on the basis of the industrial one. Sometimes the first regresses - due to crisis factors
What is the difference between them?
The basis of the economy is innovationThe basis of the economy is the stability of the reproduction of goods and demand for them
High development dynamicsLess dynamic development
Prompt return on investmentInvestments can be recouped slowly
Large GDPPotentially large GDP, often average
High sustainabilityThe level of sustainability depends on the structure of production