Difference between pit bull and stafford

The similarity between Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers is due to the fact that these breeds were bred specifically for dog fighting. In their selection, a powerful, aggressive English Bulldog and agile, with a lightning-fast reaction, white terriers, as well as Spanish and Scottish pickling dogs were used.

Crossbreeding and multiple selection resulted in a breed that was registered in 1898 by a specially created club known as the United Kennels Club under the name Pit Bull Terrier.

According to UKC approved standards, a Pit Bull Terrier should have a dry, medium length and rectangular head, strong jaws with a scissor bite, high set ears, muscular, tightly knit hips and not exceed 40-42 cm at the withers.

Pit Bull Terrier

For more than 100 years, these standards have remained virtually unchanged, as a result of which fans of dog fighting have received a breed that is unmatched in the ring. The Pit Bull Terrier is aggressive towards dogs, cruel, insensitive to pain and unusually hardy.

In the countries of the European Union, breeding and keeping dogs of this breed was banned for a long time. However, with proper training, pit bull terriers can be used for service during search and rescue operations.

The ban on dog fighting practically drove out pit bull terriers from Europe. In America, as participants in the fighting, they are in an illegal position. But even at the beginning of the twentieth century, on the basis of this breed, a new generation of pit bulls appeared, which received the name Staffordshire Terriers. The new breed differed from the producers in exterior characteristics, which in 1936 were approved as a standard by the American Kennel Club.

By this standard, the Staffordshire Terrier has a medium length head with a deep, proportional skull and well-defined facial muscles. Uncropped ears should be short and erect. The jaws are powerful, square in shape. Staffordshire Terriers have rather high legs compared to pit bulls, a more massive chest, a tail shortened relative to the body. Any color is allowed, but white spots should not prevail in it. The nose must be black. The height of adults at the withers for males is 46-48 cm, for bitches - 44-46 cm.

Staffordshire Terrier

Staffords differ from pit bull terriers in proportional addition body, massiveness and more elongated shape of the upper limbs.

When properly trained, these dogs are friendly to humans, but remain very aggressive towards animals. They can participate in dog fights, however, in terms of the force of pressure in the fight, they are inferior to pit bull terriers, despite their more impressive size.

It is believed that the Staffordshire Terrier is a show dog, although connoisseurs of this breed claim that it is for her future victories in dog fights.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. The Pit Bull Terrier has an aggressive character, pressure, mobility and is considered the undisputed leader in dog fights. The Staffordshire Terrier is hardy, quite aggressive, but loses in a fight with a pit bull, because it does not seek to destroy the enemy.
  2. The Stafford is a larger dog than the Pit Bull. According to the breed standard, it has advantages in height and weight.
  3. The color requirements for pit bulls and staffords are almost the same, but the latter must have a black nose.
  4. According to the official version, the Pit Bull Terrier breed is intended for office work, according to the unofficial Pit Bulls - the best fighting dogs. Staffordshire Terriers are of particular interest as a show breed.