Difference between persimmon and king.

Persimmon and kinglet are varieties of the same southern tree. In each case, their own taste and appearance are noted.


The tree that produces the fruits in question, - persimmon. This thermophilic plant of the ebony family is a natural long-liver. It is successfully cultivated in regions with suitable climatic conditions. Persimmons are cultivated, for example, in America, Australia, and some countries of Eurasia. Moreover, certain types of plants are grown not only for food purposes, but also for obtaining valuable wood.


From afar, persimmon can be mistaken for an apple tree, but the color of the fruits of these trees is different. Consider what the edible parts of a southern plant look like. This is the same name with the name of the persimmon tree:

And here is the kinglet:

The kinglet


Versions about the division there are several fruits in two varieties. Some researchers claim that the kinglet is a separate variety of persimmon. Others cite the fact that fruits of both species appear on the same tree. Meanwhile, there is a unanimous opinion regarding the characteristics of these berries, as they are called in biology.

The difference between persimmon and kinglet lies, first of all, in taste. In persimmon, it is sweetish, but strongly astringent. Only a fully ripe fruit, when its pulp already becomes jelly-like, loses its astringency. To improve the qualities of persimmons, which have not reached this stage, they resort to freezing it. The kinglet itself is incomparably tastier. It is juicy and sweet, does not knit the mouth, for which it is famous among the people.

In order not to be mistaken and acquire the most delicious fruits, you need to know what is the difference between persimmon and king, in addition to taste. It should be noted here that persimmons are generally lighter in color (this applies to both the peel and pulp). It is orange, homogeneous inside, pitted. Such fruits are often elongated and large.

The kinglet was aptly nicknamed chocolate persimmon. And the point here is not so much in the pleasant taste of the fruits, but in the dark color of their pulp. Outwardly, the kinglet is not so bright compared to persimmon. It is usually smaller and rounded. In addition, bones can always be found in the beetle.


Persimmon Korolek
Astringent tasteSweet, juicy
Outwardly brighter, orangeAppears to be darker
Light fleshBrown flesh
Often elongatedRounded
Usually largeSmaller