Difference between Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

Several reasons prompted me to address this issue. First, I ate pizza today, and when I give him pizza, I always wash it down with Coca-Cola. This time was no exception. Secondly, once I tried to find the difference in tastes between Pepsi and Coca-Cola, buying myself both drinks and taking turns with the air of a connoisseur tasting them, then smelling them, then looking through a plastic cup at the color. I confess that I could not find the difference, although I have repeatedly met fans of both the first and second drinks. Both sides argue that the difference is so big that it’s hard to miss. By the way, the difference between Pepsi and Coca-Cola is a rather “holy” question. That is, he leaves few people indifferent and a significant part of young people necessarily adjoins one of the warring camps. Actually, this is why a third reason arose - I would like to test the new voting widget and see which drink lovers mostly visit my site (update: Pepsi eventually beat Coca-Cola with a score of 20: 9)

So let's get started!


Coca-Cola was invented in the United States in 1886 by the pharmacist John Pemberton. The main ingredients were coca leaves (yes, the very ones from which cocaine is made) and cola tree nuts. It was patented and was originally recommended as a remedy for nervous disorders. Later, coca extract was removed from the drink, and the drink became the most popular in the United States. Pepsi was also invented by an American pharmacist named Caleb Bradham, but it appeared a little later - in 1898. Unlike Coca-Cola, Pepsi did not contain coca extract, but included the digestive enzyme pepsin. Therefore, it has been recommended as a digestive aid. From here Pepsi got its name.


Having appeared earlier, Coca-Cola has always remained the number one drink in popularity. Pepsi has always been in the role of catch-up, but at different times the gap between them has changed. In the 50s, on average, 5 times more people drank Coca-Cola, in the 60s this gap narrowed to 2.5 times, and in the 80s it increased again to 5 times. It is noteworthy that on numerous tests "blind" people often prefer Pepsi-Cola.


Pepsi uses aggressive marketing, and no other company has advertised as many stars as Pepsi. Pepsi often changes logos and slogans. Coca-Cola is more stable in terms of marketing. In my opinion, Pepsi focuses more on the young and progressive generation (remember Generation Next?), While Coca-Cola focuses on older people, on time-tested classics and family values.


One of the most difficult questions. Many people cannot distinguish between Pepsi and Coca-Cola, but, comparing information from the Internet and their own feelings, I will say that Pepsi is a little sweeter, and Coca-Cola is bubbling more. There is also information on the Internet that there are fruity notes in Coca-Cola, and Pepsi has a richer cola flavor. But let's not forget that the sense of taste can depend both on the individual characteristics of a person and on the geographical region in which the drink is produced. The composition of drinks may vary depending on the region.


I will not go into this issue deeply, I will only say that at present the composition of both drinks is almost identical. Coca-Cola does not fully disclose the formula of the drink, while the composition of Pepsi is fully known, because in 1923, the company went through bankruptcy proceedings and was forced to disclose this information.