Difference between pancake flour and regular flour.

Delicious pancakes can be baked either from plain flour or from a special one, which has the appropriate name "pancake". But the cooking process will take place differently in each case. To understand all the intricacies, let's find out how pancake flour differs from ordinary flour.


Pancake flour is a product consisting of ordinary flour and special additives.

Packaging of pancake flour

Ordinary flour - grains of wheat, rice, rye and other crops ground into powder.


So, let's pay closer attention to the composition of both products. After all, it is in the components contained that the difference between pancake flour and ordinary flour lies. Special pancake flour is made in such a way that it only requires the addition of water to obtain a ready-made dough. It already contains eggs (in the form of powder), and sugar and salt, and soda (baking powder), with which the baked goods are lush. And to make the pancakes even tastier, you can dilute such flour with milk, as well as kefir. All proportions are indicated on one side of the package.

Plain flour

But if the hostess is going to use plain flour for frying pancakes, she will have to dose and add all the necessary ingredients to the dough on her own. However, sometimes situations arise when there is really not enough time for this. For example, in case of an unexpected appearance on the doorstep of guests or if you want to quickly serve something tasty for a family breakfast. At such moments, pancake flour will come in handy. By the way, a more homogeneous dough is obtained using a mixer.

Despite its name, pancake flour is suitable not only for frying ruddy pancakes, but also for preparing other culinary products. So, having kneaded the dough thicker, you can bake wonderful pancakes from it. In addition, pancake flour, if you add certain ingredients to it, makes delicious cookies, pies and even cakes.

Also, having this special flour at hand, you can pamper yourself and those around you with delicious fluffy pies. In this case, the pancake mixture is diluted with kefir until a dough of the appropriate consistency is obtained. For the filling, chopped cabbage and onions are stewed in a pan with butter, to which a chopped boiled egg is then added. Formed pies are laid out in a pan and fried until tender.

Thus, knowing what is the difference between pancake and ordinary flour, you can decide what exactly to buy, going to cook it again.