Difference between ovulation test and pregnancy test.

Whereas the device for determining ovulation reveals an increase in the concentration of LH. Meanwhile, it may well show the onset of conception, because the aforementioned hormones have a similar structure.

Another difference between the ovulation test and the pregnancy test is the optimal time for them. The first is recommended to be applied in the middle of the day for more reliable results. Conducting a pregnancy test involves using the first morning urine, in which the hCG content is as high as possible. However, it is not suitable for determining ovulation, because a large amount of LH can accumulate in it overnight.

It should be noted that a weak second line on a test for diagnosing pregnancy often indicates a positive result. Whereas in the case of the second device, it should not be taken into account. A pale pink stripe indicates the impending maturation of the egg, which will occur only in a few days. As ovulation approaches, it becomes more distinct and bright. In order not to miss the peak moment, it is necessary to conduct research on a daily basis. We also add that the cost of ovulation tests can hardly be called democratic. Compared to them, devices for detecting conception are more affordable.


Ovulation test Pregnancy test
Allows to determine the readiness of the egg for fertilizationIt is used to diagnose the onset of conception
Reacts to luteinizing hormoneAimed at detecting increase in the level of chorionic gonadotropin
Recommended in the middle of the dayFirst morning urine is used
Pale second strip should not be taken in calculationA weak second bar indicates a positive result
High costMore democratic price