Difference between OKVED and OKDP.

Among the most popular economic indicators in the Russian business environment are OKVED and OKDP. What are they?

What is OKVED?

OKVED - economic classifier of types of economic activities of organizations of the Russian Federation. Each of them is assigned a specific code. For example, OKVED 51.52.22 corresponds to the wholesale of varnishes and paints, OKVED 52.27.11 corresponds to retail in the segment of dairy products. The Russian OKVED reflects most of the types of production, services and work present in the economy of the Russian Federation.

OKVED is needed by the firm mainly to ensure that the information on its economic activity in the state registers is correct. In addition, the authorities of the Russian Federation, with the help of information in the corresponding classifier, solve a number of other problems. Such as, for example, the formation of business statistics by industry and the determination of the dynamics of economic development in relation to the popularity of certain segments of the economy.

The OKVED codes are chosen by the entrepreneur himself already at the stage of registration with the Federal Tax Service as an individual entrepreneur or the owner of an LLC. The corresponding codes are indicated in the documents that are submitted to the department. In some cases, information about the OKVED of the company is given in the reporting sources.

It can be noted that since February 1, 2014, the Russian Federation uses OKVED in version 2. It replaced the previously valid editions of the reference book. The new Russian OKVED is unified with some foreign classifiers.

The OKVED code can have a length of 2 to 6 digits. As a rule, to fully reflect the type of activity of the company, it is required to indicate 6 numbers in it - they will contain, in particular, the class, subclass, group, subgroup, as well as the actual type of activity. In some cases, 4 digits are enough to correctly designate a business segment.

What is the OKDP?

OKDP - economic classifier of types of products and services supplied by organizations of the Russian Federation. As in the case of OKVED, each of them corresponds to a certain code. For example, OKDP 1541010 corresponds to bakery products, 1541020 - to flour products. OKDP 9422040 - services for the repair of jewelry ordered by citizens.

A firm needs the OKDP mainly for the purpose of participating in legal relations related to public procurement. When registering a business, the corresponding codes, as a rule, are not indicated, but can be recorded in the reporting sources. OKDP is a classifier that, like OKVED, was developed taking into account existing international norms.

OKDP - 7-digit code. The first 4 digits in it indicate the segment of the economy, the rest - the type of product or service supplied by the company.


The main difference between OKVED and OKDP is that the first classifier contains codes by type of economic activity, and the second contains codes for the lists of goods produced by companies and services provided by businesses. OKVED, relatively speaking, allows you to find out what a particular company does, and OKDP - what it produces, what product or service it supplies to the market. In a sense, OKVED is supplemented by OKDP.

But they cannot be considered interchangeable. Firstly, where the enterprise is legally prescribed to indicate OKVED, it cannot fix OKDP - and vice versa. Secondly, even if you know what the company has OKDP codes, it is not always possible to accurately calculate the segments in which it operates, as well as the OKVED codes corresponding to them (although the OKDP has numbers indicating the industry, this may be enough to determine the economic direction of the enterprise). As well as vice versa - within an industry with a specific OKVED, a variety of goods and services can be supplied.

In addition, the considered classifiers differ in the length of the codes, as well as in the methods of data encoding.

Having determined what is the difference between OKVED and OKDP, we will fix the conclusions in a small table.


Is a classifier of economic activitiesIs a classifier of goods, services and works
In the full version - 6-digit7-digit
Selected during state registration of individual entrepreneurs and enterprises, often indicated in reporting documentsUsed most often in legal relations in the field of public procurement, sometimes in reporting