Difference between ointment and cream

Are there any significant differences between ointment and cream? What are they? Maybe there are no distinctive features of either product? To find out the answers to these difficult questions that require elementary knowledge of physics and chemistry, read on.

Let's start with the fact that an ointment is a form of drug release with a soft homogeneous consistency for distribution over the skin or mucous membranes. Cream is a type of ointment along with gel and paste, as well as the actual ointment. Ointment is a medical concept and is used for medicinal purposes. It will not be sold to you in the store, this dosage form can only be bought at the pharmacy. But the creams sold both in pharmacies and in stores are different: medicinal, cosmetic and even culinary. The cream is rarely transparent; this is more typical for an ointment. Also, creams usually include oils, for an ointment this is an optional feature. In cooking today, you can find any kind of creams, but initially it was oil impregnation that was called cream.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Ointment is a medicinal product, a cream can be a cosmetic or culinary substance;
  2. Cream is a type of ointment (when it comes to healing cream);
  3. Creams are sold in stores, ointments are sold only in pharmacies;
  4. Ointments are often transparent;
  5. Ointments have a varied base, the vast majority of creams are made on the basis of oil.