Difference between obstetric weeks and normal weeks.

The period of pregnancy is the most enjoyable event in the life of any woman. Have you noticed how a young lady flourishes during this period? She becomes brighter, more sincere and open. Waiting for a miracle, a woman can worry and worry, which is quite normal and is due to hormonal changes in her body. One of the reasons for concern is worries about the timing of pregnancy. Today we will try to figure out what is the difference between obstetric weeks and ordinary weeks.


When calculating the gestational age, the concepts of obstetric week and obstetric month are used. The obstetric week, like the usual one, consists of seven days. The midwife month consists of four weeks.

How are obstetric weeks calculated?

Several methods of calculating the gestational age are used to determine the date of birth. Among them, there are embryonic, obstetric terms and the term, which is established according to the data of ultrasound examination of the uterus. A normal pregnancy lasts nine months. This is the embryonic period, which is thirty-six weeks from the moment of conception or nine obstetric months. In obstetric practice, the concept of "obstetric weeks" is also used. Few people know about this, so it will be useful to clarify what the obstetric gestational age is and how it can be calculated.

Obstetric weeks of pregnancy are normally forty weeks, which equals two hundred and eighty days or ten months, with one month being twenty-eight days. To calculate the gestational age, add one week to nine months and you will get an approximate due date. Obstetric weeks are counted from the first day of the last menstrual period to the onset of pregnancy. This method of counting has long been used by our ancestors. Normally, every girl and woman has a period once a month, which lasts for 3-5 days. If menstruation occurs regularly, the woman knows she is not pregnant. Obstetric weeks can be calculated only in those women who have already established a menstrual cycle, and menstruation begins at regular intervals.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. The obstetric week is used to calculate the gestational age, the usual week is used to calculate the calendar dates.
  2. Four obstetric weeks are equal to an obstetric month. With calendar weeks, the situation is completely different - here each month does not have a certain number of weeks.