Difference between novel and short story.

The work is dedicated to a specific fate and tells about a separate life episode. The narration is usually conducted from one person, be it a hero or an author. The story cannot boast of a multi-line plot and an abundance of characters. The events depicted in it are of a short-term nature. The work has an introduction and conclusion, which are its direct part, and are not subsumed into separate chapters. It is also worth adding that the genre in question is considered to be purely prosaic.


Roman Story
Large form of epic kind of literatureSmall form of epic
Has an impressive volumeOften fits on several pages
It is characterized by the duration of the described events and the multi-linearity of the plotIt tells about a separate life episode, the events depicted are of a short-term nature
There are many characters, each of which have their place in the compositionCannot boast of an abundance of characters
Often begins with a prologue and ends with an epilogueIntroduction and conclusion - an integral part of the overall story
Can be written in prose or verseIs a purely prosaic work
The story is often led by different people amiPresentation - usually from one person