Difference between NNN and SNS mount.

Skis are one of the most popular winter sports equipment. There is a heated debate among amateurs and professionals about the best mount option - NNN or SNS. Which alternative is more reliable, and what is the general difference between them? The differences are already visible upon a superficial study of the issue.


NNN - This is a special system for fastening the boot to cross-country skis, offered by Rottefella from Norway. A distinctive feature is the presence of two parallel flexors (stops), into which the toe of the shoe rests when pushing. The mount is universal and is suitable for any boots produced for NNN, except for children and youth.

The NNN Mount

SNS is a cross-country ski shoe attachment system created by Salomon, France. The most important design feature is the presence of a central protrusion against which the toe of the boot rests when pushing. The presence of two braces (one of which is in front of the toe) for fixing the shoe allows you to increase the controllability of the ski, which is more responsive to the movements of the athlete.

SNS fixing


Thus, the question of choosing between NNN and SNS depends on the individual athlete, his requests and preferences. The technical differences between these types of fasteners are as follows. The NNN has two parallel boot lugs, the SNS has one central one. This point must be taken into account when choosing boots, as they must be compatible with the fastening system.

In this case, the NNN retainer is located under the fingers, which makes the trip more manageable. At SNS, it is in front of the toe, and this is considered a more reliable solution in terms of wear. NNN mounts have 4 stiffness alternatives, while SNS only have three. However, choosing a suitable option for professional sports can only be done after training, since the anatomical features of the athlete must be taken into account.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Location and number of guides. NNN has two parallel protrusions, SNS has one central one.
  2. Fastening system. The NNN clip is located under the toes, 10 mm from the nose of the boot, for SNS - just in front of the toe.
  3. Controllability. The NNN provides more ski control when skating than the SNS.
  4. Number of species. NNN is available in 4 stiffness options, SNS in 3 options.