Difference between Nikon and Canon cameras.

Any photographer knows that for a long time two giants have not been able to divide the "territory" on the photographic equipment market. Each of the manufacturers has a group of fans (as a rule, these are the owners of their cameras) who idealize their own equipment and underestimate the competitor's cameras. Because of this “holy war,” it is quite difficult for a newly-minted photographer to make a choice, which, after going through the options, narrows down to two positions. And although it is sometimes simply impossible to answer the question of how the cameras of the first and second companies differ, TheDifference portal managed to find some useful information for you.


Nikon and Canon - leaders in the production of photographic equipment. Among photographers who mutually criticize the products of an ideological brother, a rule has been developed not to separate the goods of two corporations, since it is impossible to single out the superiority of one.


Nikon cameras are generally cheaper. Due to this, this company has more than once managed to restrain the onslaught of a competitor who offered almost the same product for a higher price (on average, 5 thousand rubles more expensive). And here, undoubtedly, Nikon gets the palm.

But when it comes to technological innovation, Nikon is usually in the role of catch-up. Canon offers the customer improved specifications and a wider range of modes, while Nikon wins over customers with a rotating screen and other very interesting tricks. Naturally, there are always exceptions.

Which is better?

In pursuit of cheapness (which should not be associated with poor quality), Nikon can be preferred. Otherwise, Canon is a more suitable option, although sometimes the balance of power changes dramatically - it is worth bearing in mind the fact of rivalry between manufacturers.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Nikon products have a lower cost.
  2. Nikon cameras are usually less technologically advanced.