Difference between newsgroup and email.

Without e-mail, life today is not only private, but also the conduct of business. Teleconferences, in spite of their appearance much earlier than the Internet, are currently losing ground to other technologies, but they are recognized as comfort and speed of work.

E-mail is a messaging system on the Internet that requires an e-mail address registered on one of the mail servers.

Teleconference is a collective open exchange of information on various topics, limited only by the number of network users.

The main difference between e-mail and teleconference is the number of final recipients. E-mail allows you to send a letter simultaneously to several participants in the dialogue, but only those to whom it was sent will see it. Anyone who connects to the network takes part in the teleconference, and messages are available to everyone who subscribes to a specific topic. Any participant can post their own message.

Unlike e-mail, teleconference is strictly regulated by rules that all participants agree to abide by. It is possible to create closed teleconferences, access to which will be limited to a narrow circle of people. E-mail is always a dialogue between two users, even if it is further broadcast to other interlocutors.

An electronic mailbox is a folder on the server where received letters are stored. Each mailbox is assigned a postal address. Teleconferences are hosted on conference servers, and are named according to a hierarchical structure. Each word in the title clarifies and concretizes the topic discussed by the participants.

Where e-mail is managed by the Internet e-mail service, teleconferencing is by the News service. Unlike broadcasting e-mail, which is sent directly to the mail server, each new teleconference message is distributed through interconnected "nodes" channels. Most newsgroups are hosted by the Usenet program.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. E-mail allows you to send a message to one or several recipients, and a teleconference - to all participants.
  2. Teleconferences can be accessed by any user.
  3. Electronic correspondence is stored on mail servers, teleconferences - on news servers.
  4. Teleconference titles are hierarchical.