Difference between MRI and X-ray

Diagnostics is of particular importance in the modern world, however, sometimes in the literature one can find quite contradictory information about it. To dispel myths, today we will look at what is the difference between an MRI and an X-ray.


MRI - this is magnetic resonance imaging, it is based on the features of the magnetic properties of tissues saturated with hydrogen. The method is used to assess the degree of damage or condition of soft tissues, to detect various tumors. Magnetic resonance imaging allows you to scan various organs in different planes, and then convert the image to volumetric.

Roentgen is a unit of exposure dose of radiation, however this term is tacitly called X-ray research today. Unlike MRI, which has a huge range of areas to be examined, X-rays are limited to diagnosing only bone structures (joints, skeleton, skull) and some organs. X-ray refers to the old diagnostic methods, it carries a fairly powerful radiation load and is not harmless to the human body.


If the patient has mental disorders or suffers from claustrophobia, then MRI is difficult. There are also contraindications for MRI diagnostics for patients with pacemakers and other metal objects, such as metal shunts. For people who are severely overweight, an MRI examination will also be difficult.


The MRI machine has a higher image resolution and the ability to take layer-by-layer images of the desired area, unlike X-rays. Figuratively speaking, an X-ray is an old black and white film, and an MRI is a new generation of 3D film.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. MRI is a magnetic resonance imaging based on the features of the magnetic properties of tissues saturated with hydrogen. X-ray is a study of the body based on radiation that has the property of passing through the body.
  2. MRI is a modern type of research, X-ray is one of the old diagnostic methods.