Difference between mousse and hair foam.

It is impossible to create a harmonious look without a good hairstyle. If errors in clothes can remain invisible to others, then untidy hair sticking out in all directions just screams.

A good hairstyle can beautify the most unfortunate outfit, highlight the best facial features, hide flaws.

The modern fashion industry, drawing more and more new style icons, does not disregard hair. And whatever the model has a hairstyle, each hair will be exactly in the place where it should be, and it doesn't matter if it is an intricate styling with all kinds of heaps or just straight loose hair, everything will be perfect.

This splendor is created with a variety of special tools. Various hair gels, waxes, varnishes are widespread. All these tools are able to capture the image you have created. But what if your hair needed to add volume? Mousse or foam, taken in the volume of a chicken egg, will easily solve this problem.

Many people probably have a question: "Are mousse and foam different means?" Indeed, in fact, both foam and mousse serve for hair styling with subsequent fixation. Both products have a similar consistency and are offered to the consumer in a tube. Both foam and mousse are applied in the same volume to slightly moisturized hair. Both are composed of substances that nourish the hair and protect it from harmful natural influences and the influence of thermal devices. However, it should be remembered that foam and mousse do not heal the hair, which means that they should not be abused.

Despite the similarity, there is still a difference between styling foam and mousse, and you just need to know this difference in order to choose the right product taking into account all its characteristics.

Compliance of products with hair types.

Fat content

As you know, all hair styling products have several levels of fixation: weak, medium, strong, and recently on the packaging you can read and "super strong" or "ultra-strong". As a rule, the first two are not very popular, since the effect of them is poorly expressed. But, remember, improper use of a strong product can seriously harm your hair. The fact is that the mousse has a drying effect and is highly not recommended for use on dry and brittle hair, while for oily hair it is a universal remedy. For damaged and weakened hair, it is better to use a foam.

The structure of the hair

The texture of the mousse differs from the foam in greater lightness and airiness, therefore, its effect will not be enough for thick and heavy hair. In this case, foam should be preferred. If, on the contrary, you are the owner of thin or short hair, the mousse will create a unique styling on your head.

The ability to create volume

The dense structure of the foam allows you to create lush hairstyles, visually increase the volume of hair. Mousse is more about creating a hairstyle than adding volume. Knowing these subtleties, you can create the styling of your dreams without the help of stylists.


Both the hair mousse and the foam contain chemical elements that can cause allergies of various forms. But nevertheless, people prone to this disease should prefer a mousse that does not have perfumery fragrances in its composition and is characterized by the absence of any smell.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Foam increases hair volume more than mousse.
  2. The structure of the foam is denser than that of the mousse.
  3. Mousse has a drying effect, unlike foam.
  4. Mousse is not suitable for styling long and heavy hair, only foam can securely fix such hair.
  5. Mousse does not have perfumery fragrances in its composition and is more suitable for allergy sufferers.