Difference between moped and motorcycle

A moped and a motorcycle are very similar in some ways. But each of these vehicles also has its own individual characteristics, mainly related to design features. It is about them that we will talk, trying to find out how a moped differs from a motorcycle.


Moped is a popular vehicle equipped with two or three wheels and a low-power engine. The speed of the moped is relatively low. Among the types of such equipment there is a classic moped, mokik, scooter.


A motorcycle is a two-wheeled (three-wheeled) vehicle with a sufficiently powerful engine and a speed higher than that of a moped; represented by types: classic, sports, cruiser, chopper and others.



Engine displacement and speed

These characteristics make a decisive difference between a moped and a motorcycle. For a moped, the first indicator reaches a maximum of 50 cubic meters. cm, and the top speed is limited to 50 km / h. The rest of the two-wheeled vehicles with parameters exceeding the specified values ​​are classified as motorcycles, even if their design is the same as that of a moped.

Presence of pedals

Most mopeds have pedals. They are used both to apply the muscular effort of the driver while driving and as a starter. Mopeds emerged as a result of experiments in installing an engine on a regular bicycle. By the way, similar vehicles can be found today.

If the moped is equipped with pedals, braking, as with driving a bicycle, is performed by rotating them backward. However, a modern moped may not have pedals in its device. As for motorcycles, they do not have pedals, and braking is carried out using a full-fledged brake, petal or disc, which is activated by a handle on the handlebars.


The design of a motorcycle is more complex. Its mechanism includes a multi-stage gearbox. In the design of a moped, such an element may be absent, which makes the vehicle more affordable, but it can be difficult to overcome steep climbs on it.

At the same time, the models of mopeds equipped with a gearbox have better driving characteristics. Often they shift gears by turning the left handle on the steering wheel.

Other characteristics

Let us dwell on a number of points that indicate the difference between a moped and a motorcycle. The latter looks more massive. It has more weight. There are also differences between these types of technology in the lighting design. In addition, motorcycles are made of materials that are stronger and more durable.


Moped Motorcycle
Lower engine displacementHigher engine displacement
Lower speedHigher speed
May have pedalsNo pedals
Often without gearboxDesign includes gearbox
Weighs lessWeighs more