Difference between metallic and regular paint.

Nowadays, painting your favorite iron horse is not difficult - just go to any auto repair shop. At the same time, it is important not to be mistaken in the choice of car paint.

You can trust the proven ordinary enamel, but many people praise the notorious metallic! It was he who became the most popular auto paint throughout Russia. Should you paint your car with metallic or be limited to ordinary enamel?


Regular paint Is an auto enamel consisting of a pigment (gives color), a bonding layer and a solvent.

Metallic paint is a type of paint in which an additional component is present - an aluminum powder pigment.


Metallic has a special reflective component - a layer of aluminum powder. Thanks to him, the car shimmers in the sun with a beautiful metallic sheen.

The technology of painting with ordinary enamel is simpler than with metallic. The latter must be applied in a perfectly even layer, otherwise stains will be visible on the body during operation.

Metallic is also special in that it is less susceptible to rusting than conventional paint. Ordinary enamel loses its aesthetic properties faster than metallic enamel. The reflective properties of metallic make the painted car less hot in the sun than regular enamel.

The high anticorrosive properties of the metallic and resistance to fading are due to the presence of aluminum particles in this paint.

In general, metallic looks more impressive, but this paint is more expensive than usual due to its complex composition. Painting itself with ordinary enamel will also cost less than metallic, due to the peculiarities of the application technology.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. A common paint consists of a pigment, a binder layer and a solvent.
  2. Metallic paint is an auto enamel, which differs from the usual features of the composition.
  3. Metallic paint technology is much more complex than conventional paint.
  4. Metallic painting must be treated carefully - any unevenness in the layer will be noticeable.
  5. Metallic is more corrosion resistant than conventional paint.
  6. Regular paint fades faster than metallic paint.
  7. A metallic painted car will run cooler in sunny weather.
  8. Metallic is more expensive than regular enamel.