Difference between MDF and PVC.

Comparative table

Summing up, what is the difference between MDF and PVC, it should be stated that these materials have nothing in common in terms of composition. Of course, their areas of application can also overlap (for example, in the production of furniture, where the facing is made of MDF, and decorative elements are made of PVC). Or when MDF panels are covered with PVC film, and in some other cases (wall panels are made of both PVC and MDF).

What is the materialWood chips pressed at high temperature and pressurePolymer, produced in the chemical industry
ScopeConstruction, production of furniture, packaging, floor and wall coverings, housings of acoustic systems, in some other areasThe widest field of application is electrical engineering (as insulation), the production of a huge range of films, in the light, automotive industry, in advertising, construction (profiles of doors and windows), in the production of refrigeration equipment and in many other industries