Difference between Master and Graduate Studies.

The higher education system in most European countries, in accordance with the Bologna Process, has two levels of training for specialists mastering compulsory educational programs. The first level of preparation is a bachelor's degree. A bachelor's degree gives the right to continue education in general second-level programs and receive a specialist qualification. Universities train masters according to special programs. Postgraduate studies are the next educational step.


Master - a system of training high-level professionals in higher educational institutions working on compulsory training programs for students with the right to choose a general direction of education and in-depth study of individual disciplines in their specialty.

Postgraduate studies - a system of training teaching and research personnel from among persons with a specialist or bachelor's degree. Postgraduate studies can be established at a higher education institution or research institute.


Students with a bachelor's degree and who have chosen a master's program of further education in a higher educational institution are trained in the master's program.

In the magistracy, an individual approach to the work of each student prevails, taking into account the in-depth study of some subjects in the chosen specialization.

A master's degree gives the right to engage in practical activities corresponding to the specialty received, as well as pedagogical and teaching work in secondary specialized educational institutions. Another advantage of the master's program: the level of training in its programs allows graduates to apply for postgraduate studies.

The term of study in the magistracy is 2 years.

Postgraduate studies are a structural unit of a higher educational institution, established to train higher and middle teaching staff.

A postgraduate student can become a person who has a master's degree or a specialist, who has received recommendations from a scientific advisor and a department where specialization in subjects with in-depth study was carried out. Graduates of postgraduate studies defend their Ph. D. thesis and can continue their scientific work.

The term of study in graduate school is 3 years; part-time education - 4 years.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Master's degree is the second level of the training system in universities working in the framework of the Bologna process.
  2. Postgraduate studies - one of the forms of training the teaching staff of higher educational institutions.
  3. Master's degree is a part of the university system.
  4. Postgraduate studies can be established not only at a university, but also at a research institute.
  5. For admission to the magistracy, confirmation of a bachelor's or specialist's degree is required.
  6. Persons who have a specialist or master's degree are eligible to enroll in postgraduate studies.
  7. Graduates of higher educational institutions who graduated from the magistracy have the right to engage in teaching activities in secondary specialized educational institutions.