Difference between manager and management.

A question that seems very strange to professional managers is relevant for a large number of people. After all, if a “whole” manager sells shoes in a store, then maybe his boss should be called management? A few simple facts will help you understand the difference and delimit these definitions forever.


Manager - a person with higher education or special training, who manages a particular direction of the company or a team of subordinates. At the moment, "manager" also denotes the position of a person in a commercial enterprise, which implies the performance of not only managerial, but also other functions (consulting, sales, customer service).

Management is a complex science that studies the process of managing people for the effective and efficient implementation of projects and tasks. There are various schools, including American, Japanese, European. Management is based on the principles of a market economy, "soft" personnel management, team building and the cultivation of corporate values.


Thus, a manager is a subject, an individual, and management is an object, a toolkit, a list of rules and norms necessary to achieve a goal. You can work with a person, give him instructions and tasks, and also control their execution. Management is used indirectly - through the management of people, the application of the basic principles of science.

The difference can also be indicated by a formal expression. Management is a process, a holistic system that includes many people. A manager is a performer who interacts with other participants in a relationship and directly influences them.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Meaning. Management is a system of management principles, and a manager is a “cog” of such a mechanism.
  2. Expression. A manager is an individual, and management is his occupation.
  3. Development. A manager can make a real career (from petty clerk to CEO). If we are talking about management, then only its principles and methods change, while the essence remains unchanged.