Difference between male and female worldview.

Two camps - male and female - play a constant and exciting game. They sometimes move away from each other, failing to understand the opposite "civilization", then they unite, enthusiastically intertwining. And the whole point is in the dissimilarity of views and principles, a different understanding of the world, an awareness of one's place in it. Let us consider in more detail how the female worldview differs from the male.

Male and female factors

Let's start with why a man and a woman look at this world differently. First of all, of course, we are talking about what is inherent in them by nature itself, and more specifically, about the peculiarities of thinking.

It is known that a well-built thought, logic is about a man. He is straightforward, well-versed in space, sees the situation on a larger scale, puts rationality at the forefront. For a woman, sensations, emotions, accompanied by a lack of logical reasoning, come first. Starting with one thing, she passes it through her gamut of feelings and images, and at the end she gets a completely different result.

Another point explaining the difference between the female worldview and the male is the role that representatives of the opposite sexes have been assigned since ancient times. The man's mission is to continue the race, and he has his own view of the relationship with a woman. A woman is focused on the birth of healthy offspring and its safe existence, and this also affects her position in relation to a man.

The man is strong. It is designed to protect. Therefore, his attitude to risk and dangers is completely different from that of women. In addition, the woman’s attachment to the family hearth and the man’s task of solving external affairs force representatives of both sides to treat all sorts of problems and difficulties differently.


Let's note a few key points.


It is extremely important for a man to be successful. And success is closely related to how much a man has realized in his business, what heights he achieved. A man constantly ponders the details of his work, and seeks to achieve the main thing - an increase in material savings. If a man sees that his labors were not in vain, and receives the expected result, he is happy.

Of course, in modern society, a woman also often tries on her own to stand firmly on her feet in the material plane, showing masculine qualities when earning money, but still she often has to do this out of necessity. After all, in principle, the main thing that interests her is her own family, the tranquility of each of its members, the creation of coziness and a benevolent atmosphere in the house.

Attitude towards the opposite sex

The role of a man is in the conception of offspring. He quickly "flashes" for intimacy, seeing this as an opportunity to give a woman his seed. Unfortunately, after that he is able to leave his partner and go to conquer other, not yet explored horizons. This constitutes a tragedy for many women. However, if the chosen one is seriously attracted to the man not only physically, but also with spiritual qualities, he can stay with her forever and will do everything to make her feel happy.

The woman, with her maternal instincts, acts more cautiously. She is more selective in choosing a partner and tries to keep her away from her too quickly. It is important for a woman to make sure that her companion is reliable, will give the necessary stability, that with him the children and she herself will be one hundred percent protected.

Attitude towards difficulties

In a world full of dangers, a man has no time to waste on outsiders. In an emergency, his reaction is immediate, he is able to act decisively and unmistakably. A man seems to be waiting for a chance that will allow him to show his iron qualities, to prove that he is "real", who always knows how to find the best way out. The essence of a man is to walk on the edge of a knife, to put everything on the line to get even more.

Women are often frightened by problems. She prefers to remain calm and confident... behind a strong male back. And if she still has to deal with serious obstacles, then it takes so much energy that, most likely, she will feel exhausted and devastated, but not happy.


Many women do not want to admit it, but still it is a man's privilege to be a leader. For the successful realization of his potential, he just needs to feel significant, in charge. This feeling gives a man confidence, increases the energy required to solve problems.

A woman, trying on the role of a leader, is forced to face responsibility, which sometimes turns out to be too tough and instead of satisfaction brings irritation and stress. Therefore, most often a woman is softer, more compliant. This is another criterion that determines the difference between male and female worldview.


In the blood of a man is the struggle for the recognition of his primacy over his own kind. His woman should be the most worthy, children - the most intelligent and talented, achievements - on a large scale.

Women also have a competitive spirit, but still the constant race is too exhausting for them, and most often they prefer to cooperate in order to achieve some result by joint efforts.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

Male worldview Female worldview
In the first place - success, careerThe main thing is family, home
The main task is procreationThe focus is on the prosperous offspring
The need to take risksThe desire to avoid risk
The desire for leadershipCompliance
There is a competitive spiritCooperation is preferred