Difference between lyrics and poetry.

Sometimes the words "lyrics" and "poetry" are used in the same context. However, they cannot be called absolute synonyms. To apply the concepts for their intended purpose, it is necessary to find out how the lyrics differ from poetry.


Lyrics is a type of literature (one of three), a feature of which is the author's sensual expression of his soul states. At the same time, the personal, the subjective becomes universally significant, interesting for many people, since it resonates with their feelings and experiences.

Poetry - creativity, which uses a language different from the common one. In a general sense, poetic works are meant to be in a poetic format. Traditional verses, in turn, are lines with consonant endings - rhymes.


If we talk about the difference between lyrics and poetry in general terms, then lyrics are the feelings and emotions that are in the center of attention of an individual work, and poetry is the form in which the author's speech is clothed.

Let's consider each of the concepts in more detail. Let's turn to the lyrics first. To understand its features, let's compare the lyrics with the other two kinds of literature. One of them is the epic, which presupposes the narration of the external events taking place. At the same time, the reader clearly sees the temporal and spatial sphere in which certain actions are performed.

The lyrics are opposed to the epic. If the latter reflects the facts of objective reality, then the lyrics are based on an appeal to the inner world. In this case, the author tries to show experiences in their dynamics, using certain artistic means. The works related to the drama (the third of the genus) can contain both lyrical and epic moments.

Let us now turn to poetry. It is often understood as poetry, that is, creativity, the opposite of prose, which is unusual for rhymes. At the same time, some transitional forms also belong to poetry, for example, white verse. If we consider the issue even more broadly, then sometimes any elegant presentation, even a purely prosaic one, is called poetic, in a metaphorical sense.

Understanding what is the difference between lyrics and poetry, it should be noted that the lyrics can be found in poetic and dramatic works, and in prose. Lyric is music or a person's mood. However, poetry cannot always be called lyrical. For example, lyrics are not a narrative poem or a poetic advertising text.