Difference between lotion and cream

Lotions and moisturizers are popular treatments for beauty and healthier skin. Their main functions are not only moisturizing and restoring the skin, but also their rejuvenation and treatment. But can a lotion be called a cream, or are they completely different in their composition? Let's study this issue thoroughly.


Lotion - cosmetic water-alcohol solution of various active and other substances, intended for skin care.

Cream is a cosmetic product for skin care, created on a fat basis with the addition of medicinal substances, oils and vitamins.


Lotions differ from creams in their consistency and properties. They are always lighter on the skin and significantly less greasy due to the alcohol content in their base. The cream is more oily and denser. It takes a little longer to be absorbed, while the lotion is absorbed by the skin faster. At its core, a lotion is a type of cream with a more liquid consistency. It is based on a lot of water and a relatively small part of oil. This product does not clog pores and is therefore indicated for people with acne. The lotion refreshes and softens the skin, has a cooling effect, does not leave a sticky and greasy feeling. Some of the lotions are specially formulated to reduce skin hydration (saturation of cells with water) and its oil content.

Creams are much thicker. Their main function is to moisturize the skin and nourish it with oils. Creams often contain components that reduce the likelihood of wrinkles, help in the fight against incipient acne, etc. For people with dry skin type, special moisturizing medicines are being developed to combat this ailment.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. The lotion is lighter on the skin and significantly less greasy than the cream.
  2. The lotion has a thinner consistency, the cream is a thick oily product.
  3. Lotion does not clog pores, has a softening and refreshing effect. The main function of the cream is to moisturize the skin.
  4. The lotion is absorbed faster by the skin.
  5. Some of the lotions are specifically formulated to reduce skin hydration (saturation of cells with water) and its oil content. The cream, on the other hand, promotes hydration and nourishes the skin with oils.