Difference between lobster and lobster

Arriving at an expensive and popular restaurant, I really do not want to fall on my face in the mud and show my ignorance, especially when it comes to exquisite and exotic dishes. And if the layman can still cope with a modest salad, then problems often arise with seafood dishes. After all, it is very difficult to taste crustaceans or molluscs with a fork, there are special devices for this. Traditional crayfish are unlikely to be served, but grilled lobster is a frequent guest in restaurants. Although in many menus you can find another name for this crustacean - lobster. Are those who replace one concept with another are right, or in a restaurant you can show off your erudition and name their differences - we will try to answer this question.


Due to the fact that only one type of crustacean was distributed on the territory of the former USSR - cancer, other species ordinary citizens were unfamiliar. With the appearance of foreign films in the box office, another, larger crustacean, the lobster, was spotted at gourmet dinner parties. The word is borrowed from the German language, in the original it is spelled as Hummer. It was he who began to apply to all large crustaceans with large claws.

The word "lobster" is of English origin, and it also means lobster. In addition, other crustaceans can be called this word in English.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Lobster and lobster are the names of the same crustacean, but only in different languages.