Difference between literary and spoken language.

But people, as a rule, try to communicate in dialects that are generally understandable to residents of most regions.

Having determined what is the difference between literary and spoken language, we will fix its main criteria in the table.


Literary language Spoken language
What do they have in common?
The literary language can be based on any dialect of colloquial or several dialects, and the colloquial language can be strongly influenced by literary speech
What is the difference between them?
Has generally accepted rules and norms for the use of words, grammar, spellingHas established norms for the use of words within a certain dialect, which can differ from the literary language, as well as those dialects that are common in other regions of the state
Despite the fact that the literary language is aimed at ensuring mutually understandable communications in the state, it can be dissimilar to the popular speech and even refer to another language groupAs a rule, it is formed on the basis of the greatest comprehensibility to the broad masses of citizens and therefore in most cases is in the same language group with popular dialects