Difference between Lexus and Toyota.

Virtually every Lexus has a twin named Toyota. Outwardly, these cars are very similar, but Lexus owners are proud of their cars and look with contempt at their Toyota counterparts. Although the roots of both of these brands are from the same country - Japan.


Toyota - the largest Japanese automobile brand that produces the world famous cars of the same name.

Lexus is a division of the Japanese concern Toyota, which produces premium cars for a specific segment of the global market.


On the one hand, Lexus is Toyota. Lexus is a subsidiary of the brand and was originally conceived to promote products in the North American market.

All Lexus cars have their prototypes with the Toyota nameplate. However, Lexus and Toyota have significant differences that characterize the characteristics of the cars produced by these brands.

Lexus LX 570

Lexus is an elite executive car. They differ from Toyota in superior comfort. In addition, Lexuses are fully equipped with the latest electronics and other useful stuffing.

The interior trim of Toyota is most often made of inexpensive materials, while Lexus is exclusive with the use of natural wood and other expensive components. These cars are designed to emphasize the belonging of their owner to the elite, to make him stand out.

Toyota is focused on the middle class of motorists. The target audience of the Lexus brand is prosperous wealthy people. The price of any Lexus model is much higher than a similar Toyota car.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Toyota is a well-known Japanese brand that produces a wide range of cars in the middle price segment.
  2. Lexus is a division of the Toyota concern that produces elite-class cars for wealthy customers.
  3. Lexus - premium luxury cars.
  4. Toyota - cars designed for the average buyer.
  5. Lexus interior trim is luxurious.
  6. Electronic filling and other functional of Lexus are maximal.
  7. Toyota is much cheaper than Lexus.
  8. Lexus buyers pay not only for the car itself, but also for the prestige and charm of the brand.