Difference between land and soil.

Are the words "earth" and "soil" synonymous? Yes and no. How is this possible? It's very simple! Each of these words has many interpretations, and if we take, for example, one of the meanings of the word "earth", then one of the meanings of the word "soil" will correspond to it. What is the difference between soil and soil, we will consider in more detail below.

Polysemous words

So, when they talk about " soil", this word can mean the following concepts:

  • the upper layer of the earth's crust containing rotted remains of organisms;
  • the "bottom" of the mine;
  • a term in heraldry;
  • a river in Siberia.

Earth ” is a much more polysemantic word, and it is hardly advisable to give all its meanings. Let's remember the most popular ones:

  • our planet;
  • the surface layer of the earth's land (this is precisely what is in common with the "soil");
  • land as opposed to ocean;
  • the traditional translation into Russian of the names of administrative-territorial units of many states.

What is the difference between land and soil, if in both cases they mean the top layer of land on which everything grows? There is no difference, these are synonyms. Experts (soil scientists, agronomists, etc.) usually use the word "soil". Everyone else says "earth."


As for other meanings of the words "earth" and "soil", they mean a variety of things and abstract concepts. When it comes to the motives for committing an act, they say the phrase "committed on the basis of". And then the key word follows - on the basis of hatred (most often) or love. The word "soil" in this case is used to denote a certain basis on which strong feelings grow, capable of pushing both a heroic deed and a crime. This is an example of an abstract application.

"Earth", in addition to those listed above, has a number of meanings used to name a variety of things. This word is profound, from time immemorial it meant a lot for agricultural peoples. Therefore, it is not surprising that this is the name of four feature films, three studio albums of various musical groups and a rural newspaper published in Transbaikalia. In addition, "earth" is a letter of the old Slavic Cyrillic alphabet, and electricians also have a slang name for grounding. On this, perhaps, you can put an end to the conversation about what is the difference between land and soil. [thirty].