Difference between lamination and keratin straightening.

Despite the fact that both lamination and keratin straightening are aimed at hair restoration, these procedures are completely different in the technology of application and in the final result. Apart from the price difference, there are other significant differences.


Lamination - This is the treatment of hair with a special transparent composition, followed by covering it with a film that performs a protective function. It is a special blend of various oils, dietary supplements and proteins. In the process of lamination, the scales of each hair stick together and do not have the ability to release moisture, as a result of which the strands acquire shine and visually appear much thicker. The advantage of this method of influencing the hair is that it does not become a contraindication when dyeing hair. On the contrary - lamination saturates the color and gives the hair perfect smoothness. This procedure is performed in salons.

Keratin straightening - saturation of hair with keratin, a substance that is their component. Thus, receiving additional nutrition, the entire head of hair is healed, and in addition, you can achieve the effect of perfectly smooth strands. During the procedure itself, the hair follicles are enriched with vitamins and microelements. As in the previous method, the scales on the hair close, the curls become heavier and lose their fluffiness.


The purpose of both methods is the same, but there are significant differences. Before opting for one of the hair straightening methods, you need to know how lamination differs from keratin straightening.

Duration of the effect

First of all, it is necessary to note the different duration of the achieved result. After lamination, the protective film is gradually washed off, and after 3-4 weeks there will be no trace of the effect obtained. Therefore, the procedure will have to be repeated every month. And the use of keratin allows you to maintain the achieved result for at least six months.

Therapeutic effect

The difference between lamination and keratin straightening is that the laminating film is washed out of the hair structure unevenly, unlike keratin, and creates only a visual effect of shine and smoothness. Exposure to external factors (sunlight, curling, dyeing or drying with a hairdryer) negatively affects the condition of the strands: the natural keratin that is part of them is washed out. As a result, the hair gradually becomes thinner, dries up and loses its shine.

Keratin treatment in this case is much more useful: with regular repetitions of the procedure, keratin accumulates in the hair structure, the curls are healed, strengthened in the roots themselves. Today this method is the most effective in healing and restoring damaged strands.

Carrying out at home

Both procedures can be done at home, but there are differences. Keratinization requires the use of special cosmetics, the choice of which requires a special approach, since the salons use high quality raw materials. For self-lamination, you do not need to purchase special preparations. The composition can be made from regular gelatin.

In addition, with lamination, the effect is noticeable only after a few sessions, although the technique avoids the use of chemistry. Keratin straightening gives the desired result after the first procedure.


When visiting salons, the difference between these services is felt in the cost. In comparison with keratinization, lamination is inferior in price and provides the possibility of dyeing curls.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

Lamination Keratin straightening
Duration of the result 4 weeksDuration of the result 6 months
The composition is washed outKeratin accumulates
Purely external effectWellness effect
Cheaper procedureVery expensive procedure