Difference between lamination and biolamination.

Today, any girl who looks in a magazine for photos of celebrities, or turns on MTV, gets on some show about celebrity, can become despondent. After all, in show business, everyone looks so great! Everything: outfits, smile, hair. Fortunately, today there is a huge variety of salon treatments that can be done in order to look even a little more perfect.

Express hair care in the salon (just one procedure), which will give the result in the form of softer, silky, manageable and shiny hair is called lamination. How is it done? The specialist applies a special chemical composition to the client's hair, which, as it were, "envelops" each hair, creating a protective coating - therefore, from now on, the hair will not be so afraid of overheating from the scorching sun, straighteners, thermal curlers and other things. Also, due to the presence of the shell, the hair becomes more voluminous. Lamination is especially advised to do after hair dyeing, in order to keep the color on the hair longer. The effect of the procedure lasts for about a month.

Biolamination - the same procedure, but the difference lies in the chemical composition of the substance that creates a porous protective film. For biolamination, a less aggressive substance is used. Most often these are Japanese products that do not contain silicones. Also biolaminates, with which the master works, are hypoallergenic. Therefore, if you have a tendency to allergic reactions, it is better to opt for biolamination. At the same time, the price of biolamination, in contrast to conventional lamination, is several times higher.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Lamination is carried out with a more aggressive means than biolamination
  2. Biolamination is a procedure suitable for allergy sufferers, which cannot be said about lamination
  3. Biolamination will cost your wallet more than lamination.