Difference between Lada Granta and Lada Kalina.

There are not so few fans of the products of the Russian car industry. Comparatively inexpensive cars adapted to difficult Russian roads, which are distinguished by high maintainability and affordable prices for spare parts, are in demand, despite the high level of competition with vehicles imported from Europe, Asia and America. But how to make the best choice, for example, between Lada Kalina and Lada Granta?


Lada Kalina - Russian car, produced by JSC AvtoVAZ since 2004. Its 8 or 16-valve engines are designed to consume RON 95 gasoline. It is equipped with 13-15 inch wheels with stamped rims and a manual transmission.

Lada Kalina

Lada Granta is a Russian car produced by JSC AvtoVAZ, which is a four-door front-wheel drive sedan, which is designed for base of Lada Kalina. Serial production of Lada Grants began in 2011.

Lada Granta


It is due to the fact that the designers, creating Lada Granta, sought not only to eliminate the shortcomings inherent in Lada Kalina but also to make the new car model cheaper. They succeeded: the basic version of Lada Grants is about 50 thousand cheaper than Lada Kalina.

Lada Granta also features a more modern platform. The rigidity of the body frame has increased by 12%, the steering rack has been modernized (it is installed on the entire model range, except for the basic configuration): the steering wheel makes 3.1 revolutions to the stop, while for Lada Kalina this figure is 4.02 revolutions.

The designers managed to improve the handling of the Lada Grants by installing more powerful anti-roll bars. On the front suspension, the struts received a slope similar to that of a motorcycle fork - 2 ° 25 ', on the rear wheels camber is 1 °, positive toe is 10 minutes (almost the same characteristics for Mazda 3).

The device of the Lada Granta headlights is simpler than that of the Lada Kalina. They use H4 lamps, while more expensive H7 are needed for Lada Kalina. Also, for Lada Grants, the bumper and radiator grill are made as a single element (as in European and Asian budget cars), for Lada Kalina these are two separate elements, which does not give significant advantages, but increases the cost of assembling the car. There are other design changes, as a result of which the number of parts for the front of the Lada Grants has been reduced.

The painting of Lada Grants is carried out on modern German equipment from PPG Helios, which was purchased by AvtoVAZ specifically for the manufacture of this model. This makes it less susceptible to corrosion and allows you to retain the original color of the paint much longer.

One of the main disadvantages of Lada Kalina is the high noise level. Customer reviews indicate that Lada Grants has a sound insulation level that allows you to talk in an undertone even at high speed.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Lada Granta is cheaper than Lada Kalina.
  2. Lada Granta has a more modern platform and better handling.
  3. The simpler design of the headlights and other elements of the Lada Grants made it possible to significantly reduce its cost without compromising quality and safety.
  4. Better painting of Lada Grants makes it more resistant to corrosion and allows it to retain its aesthetic appearance for a longer time.
  5. Lada Kalina is characterized by a high level of noise, in Lada Grant you can comfortably talk even at high speed.