Difference between jug and barrel.

As for the capacity of the container, it is not too large. The maximum volume of the jug is 50 liters.

The barrel has a cylindrical shape, very convenient for rolling. With a wide central part, it is installed on narrower ends without the use of a support. When it comes to storing drinks, the vessel can also be placed horizontally and equipped with a tap, but this is rather a rarity. The capacity of the container reaches several hundred liters.

Another difference between a jug and a barrel is the scope of the product. The first is used primarily for the settling of alcoholic beverages. Jbans are made exclusively of wood using a relatively simple technology using straight rivets. This leads to their fairly democratic cost. Such containers are not intended for transportation. Barrels are made from a variety of materials, including plastic and metal. If we are talking about wooden products, then their production is a rather painstaking work, because each riveting is bent individually. Accordingly, the cost of such a product can hardly be called low.

It should also be noted that the scope of use of barrels is very, very diverse. Due to the mobility of the product, it is often used to transport liquids and bulk materials. Plastic, wooden and metal vessels are often installed in summer cottages for watering plants. And do not forget about standing drinks. Oak barrels are ideal for cleaning and aging strong distillates. Even ordinary vodka poured into them will eventually change its flavor range and acquire healing properties.

To summarize, what is the difference between a jug and a barrel.

Jug Barrel
Conical and slightly tapers upwardsShape - cylindrical, the central part is widest
Installed horizontally on special standsInstalled on the ends without support
In most cases it is equipped with a tapTap - rather a rarity
Has a small capacityThe volume reaches several hundred liters
Made of oakCan be wood, plastic or metal
Used primarily for settling alcoholic beveragesHas many areas of application
Not adapted for transportationMobile tank, convenient for rolling
Characterized by simple manufacturing technologyEach arch rivet it is separately, which complicates the production process
Has a democratic priceThe cost of a wooden product is much higher