Difference between Japan and other countries.

They prefer to live in accordance with the traditions laid down by past generations, but at the same time they show an amazing breadth of views and progressiveness when it comes to work and innovation. At the same time, they are amazingly loyal to the young members of society. In Japan, you can see a huge number of representatives of various subcultural movements. These are girls who look like large dolls in the style of "lolita", and anime fans in costumes of their favorite characters, and harajuku in their bright outfits, where incompatible things and accessories are collected.

Yet the hallmarks of Japanese society as such are predictability, strict adherence to rules. But this does not prevent the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun from being loyal enough to foreigners who are usually unable to comply with all the regulations and rituals when they come to visit. The Japanese are calm and uncritical, but they highly value the sincere desire of representatives of other states to behave in accordance with their rules.

As in any country, Japan has many interesting traditions and contradictions. But these contrasts in her case are brighter, and the fidelity to customs and values, hard work and tolerance of the inhabitants are simply amazing. Perhaps in such combinations of incongruous and hidden the secret of the charm, attractiveness and dissimilarity of Japan to all other countries in the world.