Difference between introvert and extrovert

They just love the crowd and everyone's attention. Extroverts are results-focused and committed to their goals. They simply do not have time to look inside themselves. The life of such people can be compared to a race for new emotions and impressions.

Another difference between an introvert and an extrovert is that the former looks deep into things. Having touched any new phenomenon, he seeks to comprehend its essence. Such people are not looking for variety; they get the most out of a few. Another hallmark of an introvert is a long “chewing” of information. Whereas representatives of the second type choose latitude, not depth. They strive to cover everything at once, to gain as many impressions as possible. People of this psychological make-up look at things and events superficially, do not delve into their essence. Extroverts receive information from the world around them and, without seeking to process it, begin to look for new emotions. They experience incredible excitement from everything unknown.

We gave a detailed answer to the question, what is the difference between an introvert and an extrovert. Let's try to summarize the information presented.


Introvert Extrovert
A person focused on his inner “I”An individual facing objects of the external world
Closed, difficult to contactSociable and friendly
Loneliness is necessary for him to restore vitalityLoneliness plunges him into depression, deprives him of the meaning of existence
Narrow social circleHas many friends and acquaintances
Looks deep into things, comprehends their essenceOriented to breadth, looks at things superficially
It takes a long time to digest the information receivedWithout processing the information, it starts looking for new impressions