Difference between Human Resource Management and Human Resource Management.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Human resource management refers to personnel as an important resource of the organization.
  2. Human resource management implies a strategic approach, personnel management - tactical.
  3. Personnel management in personnel management is the responsibility of the personnel department directly. In human resource management, a significant part of the functions is transferred to line managers.
  4. Personnel management is a collectivist approach, human resource management is an individualistic approach.
  5. Personnel management focuses on ordinary workers, human resource management - on managers.
  6. The task of personnel management is saving on employees. The task of human resource management is to invest in the development of employees.
  7. Personnel management is concentrated in the personnel management department, which is headed by a line manager. Human resource management is overseen by a senior executive who is on the board of the company, who has great influence and the ability to define strategic prospects.
  8. Human resource management is often criticized for being overly idealistic.