Difference between http and www.

The question of the purpose, mission, functions and tasks of http and www arises when we come across links with differently designed links, or when three funny letters appear and disappear in the address bar. It is useless to look for the differences between the two universally used abbreviations in every possible way, since they mean completely different things. But you can talk about their appointment.


HTTP - a data transfer protocol used on the Internet to exchange information between a client and a server.

WWW - a system of interconnected documents located on different computers. Otherwise, the World Wide Web.


The difference between http and www as concepts is determined by the relationship object - tool. WWW - the worldwide network - is a single object, the parts of which are interconnected through the http protocol.

For an Internet user, the presence or absence of the letters www is practically irrelevant. Recording the site address www.sobaka.ru and dog.ru is acceptable in both cases, and both addresses will be correctly interpreted by the browser, which will display identical mirrors, if any. The record http: //sobaka.ru or http: //www.sobaka.ru points to a hypertext link, which can be followed in one click. Connecting to www resources is most often done via http, although other options are also possible. The brushes themselves (www) indicate the ownership of the resource on the World Wide Web.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. WWW is a system for organizing documents into a network, http is a protocol for transferring data in this network.
  2. Http indicates a hypertext link, www indicates that the resource belongs to the Internet.