Difference between hoop and hula hoop.

What girl doesn't dream of a beautiful waist and a flawless figure? The hula-hoop is considered the ideal trainer for training the muscles of the fair sex: a tight hoop designed for rotation. Does this tool have something special? Why did he get exactly this name, and not remain an ordinary hoop? Let's try to understand this issue.


Hoop - It is a ring-shaped trainer created on the basis of PVC, plastic, wood or hollow metal, used as a sports equipment, as well as for individual training. The diameter of this tool is within 70-90 centimeters. There are many types of simulator with different effects, as well as professional options.

Hulahoop is a type of slimming hoop developed in the 60s of the last century by Arthur Melin. It owes its name to the Polynesian dance "hula" and the English word "hoop" (hoop). There are several varieties of this tool, equipped with massage balls, a counter for the number of revolutions done.


Thus, the hoop is the general name for a group of simulators that are used to massage and work out the waist. Such an instrument has been known for a very long time and was found among various peoples. In addition, a hoop is called a round-shaped decoration, which can be collapsible or one-piece. Hula Hoop is a commercial project launched by Arthur Melin in the 20th century in the wake of the rise in the popularity of physical education.

It was created from scratch, without the original, and launched on the market as a means for losing weight. Therefore, the hoop and hula-hoop can be considered synonymous. At the moment, the popularity of the simulator is very high, since its effect has been proven in practice. Hula-hoop not only became one of the professional apparatus of rhythmic gymnastics, but also formed a whole group of simulators. They can be equipped with massage rollers, counters and other equipment.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. Volume. The hoop is a more general concept that includes a group of items, including a hula hoop.
  2. Origin. The wooden hoop was known among various peoples and was used as a dance instrument. The hula-hoop was invented in the 60s of the last century and from the very beginning was an exclusively commercial project.
  3. Equipment. The hoop is an ordinary circle, and the hula-hoop can be equipped with rollers for a massage effect, a revolution counter, and can be collapsible.