Difference between grade and grade.

It is incorrect to consider the words "grade" and "grade" as complete synonyms. Still, the first of these concepts is somewhat narrower than the second.


Mark is a figure expressing the degree of mastering by a student of an educational program. Grades are also called points. They are exhibited in the school journal and student diary. In Russia, the grading system is five-point, where the highest indicator is "5".

Grade in a figurative sense can also be called a mark. But in a general sense, the grade is understood as a concise or detailed judgment about the student's achievement. The criterion for this is the requirements of the educational program.


Each of the two concepts is directly related to the educational process. But the difference between the grade and the assessment lies in what niche each of them occupies. A mark is a graphic sign, usually a number. This is only a quantitative indicator by which one can judge the level of academic performance.

Assessment, in the direct sense, does not imply a specific score, but verbal information about the quality of the assignment. For example: “Well done! This time you did a good job, did everything without mistakes. " Or: “Your work cannot be called flawless. To get the best result, you need to repeat the rule. "

Before formulating a value judgment, the teacher must analyze the work (answer) of the student and compare it with the standards presented in the educational program. The teacher's statement may contain information about what the student managed to do right, where there are gaps in knowledge and how to eliminate them.

Evaluation must always be objective, it is expressed in a tactful manner. At the same time, an individual teacher's approach to each of his wards is important. A competently expressed assessment encourages the person to whom it is addressed to improve in knowledge and increases the effectiveness of training.

A mark is often given after evaluation. The points that students receive should not be overestimated - this reduces the level of training. It is also impossible to give marks less than deserved, so that schoolchildren do not lose interest in learning and maintain faith in their capabilities.

Let's make a small conclusion about what is the difference between grade and grade. So, the second concept is much broader. Assessment helps the student to realize how well he worked and what should be paid more attention. Mark, in turn, is a way to fix the result of work using a graphic symbol.