Difference between German Shepherd and Mongrel

There are few people who have never dreamed of becoming the proud owner of a German Shepherd, a dog that occupies the honorable third place on the scale of dog intelligence. But oddly enough, most mongrels bear a resemblance to this particular breed. How to distinguish between these two dogs, especially since it is extremely difficult to do up to two months of age?


German Shepherd - a dog bred at the end of the 19th century in Germany as a service dog on the basis of the Middle and South German guard breeds, a descendant of the northern wolf. According to the FCI classification, it belongs to Group 1 - herding and cattle-breeding. Self-confident, well-controlled, good-natured dog with strong nerves.

German Shepherd

Mongrel is a dog that does not belong to any breed for several generations, often homeless. Due to tough natural selection, it has good health.

First of all, it should be said that you need to study the breed standard very well before buying a dog. It is very difficult for a layman to distinguish a German shepherd from a mongrel. But at least some conclusions can be drawn.


Distinctive features

Puppyshepherd grows very quickly, as they say, by day. His body develops quite harmoniously, with the exception, perhaps, of adolescence, when the puppies have a somewhat awkward appearance. The mongrel does not gain weight with such force and does not grow so quickly.

Training.As early as 2 months of age a German Shepherd puppy can be trained. He quickly, with several repetitions, remembers the commands and fulfills them with pleasure. A mongrel can't do it.

The headis rough or too light - an indicator of outbredness. In a shepherd dog, it is moderate in all respects. The forehead is slightly arched. The transition from it to the muzzle is poorly expressed. The nose is rather large and always black. In mongrels, in contrast to the shepherd, the frontal groove is clearly visible.

Moles.Five black moles near the corners of the mouth are clearly visible in a shepherd puppy, but they are not breed indicative.

The eyesare almond-shaped, clear and dark, up to two months of age smoky-blue, the gaze is focused and intelligent in a shepherd dog. This is not the case for the mongrel. Her eyes are more rounded and often bulging.

The earsof the German Shepherd, especially the puppies, are very long, "burdock" until they begin to stand. In a mongrel, if it is not a mestizo, they are of medium size, can remain hanging.

ChestShepherd Dog is well developed and massive. In mongrels, it is more barrel-shaped.

Paws. Experienced breeders determine the breed primarily by the structure of the paws. Pedigree dogs are "aristocratic" - moderately elongated, even and large. In German Shepherd puppies, they stand out especially.

The tailin the stance of the German Shepherd is lowered and resembles a saber. The mongrel has it thrown into a ring over the back.

Color.The shepherd dog is characterized by a black-backed coat. White spots on the chest, which are quite common in mongrels, are unacceptable for the breed.

The coatof the German Shepherd is harsh, although very pleasant to the touch. The mongrel's coat is softer, as if silky. The skin of the German Shepherd is very elastic, it does not form sagging or folds.

Movement.​​A purebred dog carries its paws very close to the ground, without throwing them, in contrast to a purebred dog. The back is straight when standing and walking. Moves at a low-lying trot.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. The structure of the paws, chest and head of the German Shepherd is very harmonious, moderately massive, without unnecessary bends and bulges.
  2. The movements of a thoroughbred dog are special - like a canine aristocratic.
  3. A purebred puppy grows faster than a purebred puppy and begins to memorize commands faster.
  4. The look of the shepherd dog is peculiar - too focused, intelligent and kind at the same time. The eyes are almond-shaped, the mongrels are round.
  5. Without documents and brands, it is extremely difficult to distinguish a German shepherd from a mongrel.