Difference between gasoline and kerosene.

Many different products are obtained from oil. These include gasoline and kerosene. Each of these complex substances has its own properties.

General information

Both products are obtained by heating oil, but the temperature in each case the effect is different. The necessary components are boiled away, and after cooling they turn into a flammable liquid. The substances are similar in appearance. This is gasoline:


And here is kerosene:



Both products contain carbon and hydrogen. The way the atoms of these elements combine is the chemical difference between gasoline and kerosene. The first substance has shorter hydrocarbon chains. Therefore, gasoline begins to separate from oil at a lower temperature.

Kerosene, in which the atoms are grouped into relatively long chains, is therefore less volatile and boils away at the next stage of heating the feedstock. By the way, diesel fuel is characterized by an even larger size of hydrocarbon formations, followed by fuel oil.

The two discussed substances differ in their smell. The degree of their flammability is also different. Gasoline ignites instantly. Kerosene ignites slowly, which results in its lower fire hazard. It is worth noting that this product has a higher calorific value, that is, with an equal amount of raw material burned, kerosene releases more energy.

The presented combustible mixtures are widely used as fuel. Gasoline is used to power automobile engines, kerosene is used for tractor engines. Both petroleum products are energy sources in the aviation sector. Here, increased requirements are imposed on such fuel.

What is the difference between gasoline and kerosene yet? The fact is that it was the last substance, due to its properties, that was used earlier for refueling such household appliances as kerosene gas or a special lamp. In addition, kerosene acts as an irreplaceable fuel in the organization of spectacular fire shows. This product exhibits better chemical stability during storage.


Gasoline Kerosene
Chains of atoms are shorterHydrocarbon formations are longer
Extracted with less heating of oilIt needs a temperature higher to boil off
Instantly flashes, extremely flammableFlares up gradually
Generates less energyMore calorific value
Not suitable for household appliancesIt is powered by a special lamp, kerosene gas and other devices
Over time, it loses its useful properties fasterMore stable during storage