Difference between freeze-dried and granulated coffee

Thanks to its use, the product retains up to 95% of the nutrients contained in coffee beans. Natural essential oils give the drink a delicate refined aroma.

The difference between freeze-dried coffee and granular coffee is that the latter is made using a coarser spray-drying technology. During prolonged heat treatment of raw materials, it almost completely loses its useful properties. The resulting product does not have a pronounced coffee smell and color, and therefore dyes, flavors, flavor enhancers, etc. are added to it. Such a drink is very far from a natural grain analogue. This fact determines its relatively low cost. The price of freeze-dried coffee is much higher. However, it should be noted that it is highly discouraged to abuse such a drink. After all, it contains a lot of caffeine. Similarly, a granulated drink is much safer. But nevertheless, doctors do not advise drinking it in large quantities and on an empty stomach.

To summarize, what is the difference between freeze-dried and granulated coffee.

Freeze-dried coffee Granular coffee
Has the shape of crystals or pyramidsIt is a powder pressed into small grains
Has a pleasant light brown tintCan have both light and dark brown shade
Produced using modern gentle dry-freeze technologyProduced using coarser spray drying technology
The product retains up to 95% of the nutrients contained in coffee beansDuring heat treatment, the raw material loses its valuable properties
Only natural flavors are usedImplies the presence of artificial additives
Relatively high costThe price is an order of magnitude lower
Contains a large amount of caffeineAbout a cent of the caffeine content is not too high