Difference between fitness and shaping

Modern sports clubs offer many opportunities for those wishing to find health and beauty. And a beginner who is first faced with the need to choose the type of training for himself, most likely, will have a very difficult time. New words, the meaning of which is either incomprehensible or very vague, do not give confidence and comfort. We will help you deal with this issue. And first of all, let's consider the difference between fitness and shaping - the most common suggestions for body shaping and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The meaning of the word

Both shaping and fitness are words borrowed from the English language.

English "shaping" means "shaping." This phrase expresses the main goal of shaping - a set of measures aimed at improving the figure.

"To fit" is translated from English as "to be in good shape." And in this context, the form means not only external attractiveness, but also the general physical condition. In the modern Russian-language interpretation, fitness is understood as a certain type of physical activity, as well as a general name for various methods (among which, along with shaping, aerobics, stretching, yoga, callanetics, Pilates, etc. are mentioned)


Despite the fact that the words for shaping and fitness are taken from the English dictionary, the phenomena that are hidden under them have occurred in different countries.

Shaping is a Soviet product. The first shaping program was formally designed in 1988 to enhance the physical attractiveness of women between the ages of 30 and 50.

Homeland fitness - America. It was created as an alternative to the then popular bodybuilding. In Russia, the concept of "fitness" has appeared relatively recently, in connection with which there are often confusion with its interpretation.


Strictly speaking, shaping and fitness have common tasks - the formation and maintenance of body beauty. But fitness in this matter goes further, paying more attention to the development of endurance and flexibility, strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. This approach tends to provide a more lasting training effect.

In other words, abandoning shaping and refusing to follow the rules that apply to this type of body correction, you are more likely to return to old forms than giving up fitness loads.


Shaping was originally created as a system, the adherence to which should help a woman to become more beautiful. Shaping is a woman's prerogative. This system contains techniques for the selection of an individual effective program separately for each type of female figure.

Fitness, on the other hand, is a concept outside the gender framework. Due to their versatility and vastness, fitness complexes can be selected for men and women of different ages and physical fitness.

Conclusions TheDifference.ru

  1. The names of shaping and fitness are borrowed in English and have a similar meaning - giving or maintaining shape. But if shaping is literally shaping, then fitness means maintaining not only beauty, but also health.
  2. Fitness came to Russia from America, the development of shaping belongs to our compatriot
  3. Fitness is a broader concept than shaping. It provides a more lasting effect.
  4. Shaping programs are designed exclusively for women, while fitness complexes are developed for both women and men.